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It is defined as “an athletic environment that is respectful, equitable and free from all forms of harassment and abuse”.
(International Olympic Committee Consensus Statement, 2016)
Why is Safe Sport important? All participants in sport, including athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers, have a right to engage in Safe Sport. In 2018, Sport Singapore (SportSG) embarked on a multi-agency collaborative effort by launching the Safe Sport Commission and made a rallying call for the sporting fraternity to collectively safeguard sport.
The 5 forms of Harrassment and Abuse Harassment and abuse can be expressed in five forms, occurring in combination or in isolation.
Harassment and may be deliberate, unsolicited and coercive. It is often result from abuse of authority or power by an individual against another. It is based on any grounds, including race, religion, colour, creed, ethnic origin, physical, attributes, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, socio-economic status and athletic ability. It can happen in person or online.
Safe Sport Definition
Credits: SportSG | Safe Sport
The Safe Sport Commission has launched its new website which will house all of the information and resources on Safe Sport including:
  • the Safe Sport Unified Code
  • the Community Consultation Reports
  • information on the Safe Sport online modules on SportSG-ED (modules for parents and athletes is free -all you need is an ActiveSG account)
In consultation with the International Olympic Committee and local authorities, SportSG and the Safe Sport Commission has developed policies and guidelines aimed towards eradicating harassment and abuse in sport. This includes establishing a reporting process for Safe Sport-related matters and providing awareness programmes to ensure the public is kept informed and updated of the available support.

“We recognise the importance of creating a safe sporting environment. This is a responsibility shared by all members of the sporting fraternity and the Safe Sport Commission will continue to work with SportSG to strengthen its Safe Sport framework, policies and processes. Together, we can achieve a safe and abuse-free sporting environment for all in Singapore.”