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Officials are invaluable, donating their time to conduct tests, to officiate at competitions and to assist with athlete development. Other types of volunteer officials needed include doctors, first aid personnel, lawyers etc.
The categories below includes a job description of each role but not limited to the mentioned description. Further details will be shared during the seminars or workshops held.
Officials for Figure Skating fall into three broad categories:
The technical panel includes the roles of Technical Controller and Technical Specialist. They are responsible for identifying technical elements and for calling the level of difficulty of jumps, spins, and footwork sequences.
Technical Panel
The judging panel includes the Chief Referee and the judges. They are responsible for giving a grade of execution to the elements called by the Technical Panel. Judges are also required to assess the SISA competitive tests.
Judging Panel
The IJS Panel consists of a data entry operator, reply operator, accountant and someone who is responsible for setting up the whole computerized judging system.
IJS Panel
Officials for Short Track Speed Skating fall into these categories:
The Competitor Steward is responsible for the coordination of all administrative matters and shall observe the rules completely.
Competitor Steward
Shall be the chief executive officer, and shall decide all points of dispute and infringement of rules, which can result in sanctions. His decision shall be final.
Shall decide all disputes relating to the start. He shall give his starting commands in English.
Responsible for recording of times.
Time Keeper
Shall visibly show the number of laps still to be skated by the leading skater at all times and will ring the bell to signify the last lap of each race.
Lap Scorer
Shall call out the names of those about to compete and be responsible for seeing that the skaters are wearing their racing numbers and correct equipment.
Heat Box Stewards
2 track stewards shall work at each end of the track and must be experienced skaters with knowledge of the English language. Track Stewards should be positioned so that he will not interfere with the skaters and officials but can readily replace missing blocks.
Block Stewards
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