Learn To Skate

The Singapore Ice Skating Association (SISA) in cooperation with the Singapore Ice Hockey Association (SIHA) has developed a Learn-to-Skate program called SKATESTAR. SKATESTAR is established to cultivate the sport of ice skating in Singapore. It is Singapore’s only national Learn-to-Skate program. The program is designed to teach the fundamentals of ice skating through a progression of skills that is fun, challenging and rewarding.
Program Objectives:
To teach the fundamental skills and correct techniques of ice skating
To provide a fun and safe ice skating experience for beginners of all ages
To provide all skaters (recreational and competitive) with the basic foundation for skating which will enable them to continue to more advanced figure skating or speed skating
To provide a standardized methodology for coaching ice skating in Singapore; To promote physical fitness by focusing on coordination and balance
To teach life skills (discipline, perseverance and determination)
To have fun!
This Learn-to-Skate program is now available at the following rink(s): The Rink @JCube - Tel: 66842374/5 - Email: info@therink.sg - Website: http://www.therink.sg/lessons/learn-to-skate-core-blades-basic