SISA Test & Dates

SISA recognizes the importance of the development of the skater and the rate of improvement is individual to the athlete.  With this in mind, we offer approximately two testing days each year.  The skater will be tested for proficiency and not compared in a competitive environment.  After the relevant test program is skated, the skater will be given the opportunity to re-skate two elements if the judge(s) deem it warranted for a possible pass.  Every effort is made to help advance and encourage each skater to reach his or her potential.

SISA will announce the date of the next SISA test as soon as the information is available. Please revisit our website for updates. To register for a SISA test, you can download the SISA Test Application Form here, complete the form and submit it directly to SISA along with your payment before the stated registration deadline for each SISA test.

A sample of the most current SISA Test Sheets used by the testing judge(s) can be found here. Please click here (to be updated) for a copy of the Test Summary. Vocal Music is allowed. Do note, however, that the Test Summary serves only as a guide and should be read together with the respective SISA Test Sheet for the level a skater is testing for and the respective ISU rules if referred to in these documents.

SISA reserves the right to cancel the test if the response is poor and a full refund will be made. SISA will not entertain requests for refund or transfer of fee to subsequent test if a skater is unable to take the test except on medical grounds in which case SISA will process refund less an administration fee of $30 upon sighting of medical certificate issued by registered medical practitioners with the Singapore Medical Council.

Last update: February 2019


The venue, dates/time may be subjected to changes depending on the number of participants and factors beyond our control but we shall keep all registered participants informed should there be changes. SISA reserves the right to cancel the test if the response is poor and a full refund will be made.

2019 (Venue: The Rink @ JCube)
- 18 June 2019, 830pm & 25 June 2019, 730pm (Deadline: 9 June 2019)
- 27 February 2019, 830pm 
- 22 January 2019, 8.30pm

2018 (Venue: The Rink @ JCube)
- 11 December 2018, 8.30pm 
- 14 August 2018, 730pm 
- 16 May, 730pm 
- 30 January, 615pm

2017 (Venue: The Rink @ JCube)

- 27 December, 730pm 
- 28 November, 945pm 
- 25 October, 730pm
- 13 Sep, 730pm 
- 16 Aug, 730pm 
- 26 July, 730pm 
- 25 May, 830pm 
- 26 April, 730pm 
- 7 March
- 7 February

2016 (Venue: The Rink @ JCube)
- 13 December
- 11 October
- 12 July 
- 29 March
- 23 February

- 1 December, 9.45pm
- 10 November, 9.45pm (canceled)
- 25 Aug, 9.45pm
- 24 Feb, 9.45pm 

- 25 November, 9.45pm (canceled)
- 3 Sept, 9.45pm
- 27 May, 9.45pm 

- 19 November, 9.45pm - 10.45pm
- 1 October, 9.45pm - 11.45pm
- 15 January 2013, 9.45pm-11.45pm

- 20 November 2012, 10.45pm-11.45pm 
- 14 August 2012, 10.45pm-11.45pm
- 13 February 2012, 10.15pm-11.15pm

- 26 September 2011, 10.15pm-11.15pm

- 27 September 2010
- 11 January 2010