All About Anti-Doping

Anti Doping Singapore (ADS), established by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports in 2010, is the national anti-doping organization for Singapore to promote and support the eradication of doping in sport in Singapore.

ADS underscores the Singapore government's commitment to fight against the use of drugs in sports.

The Singapore Ice Skating Association (SISA) has adopted the ADS anti-doping rules and also the ISU Anti-Doping Code. In full support and eradication of doping in skating in Singapore, Singapore Ice Skating Association will endeavour to carry out the following:

1. Recognise and accept Anti-Doping Singapore as the National Doping Organisation designated by the Singapore Government as having responsibility for all doping matters relating to sport in Singapore;

2. Accept the Anti-Doping Policy of Singapore, the ADS and ISU Anti-Doping Rules, both of which are established in accordance with the WADA Code, as the basis for the fight against doping in sport;

3. Adopt the ADS, ISU and ADS Anti-Doping Rules either directly or by reference into our governing documents, constitution and/or rules and regulations, and which shall have binding force and effect on our members and Participants;

4. Agree to observe, abide by and implement the provisions of the Anti-Doping Policy of Singapore, the ADS and ISU Anti-Doping Rules in respect of our affairs and activities.

As the governing body of skating in Singapore, we urge you to join us in adopting ADS and ISU best practices in support towards a drug-free skating community.

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For more information please visit the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and International Skating Union website.

With Effect on 1 Jan 2021, please click here and here (Significant changes - here)


For Medication Guidance, you may visit Globaldro or Asada.
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Athletes should also take note of the Dangers of Doping. For other language, please click here.

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) recently launched a new dietary supplement awareness website, Supplement 411 (http://www.supplement411.org) to educate athletes on the risks associated with the use of dietary supplements and provide them the necessary information to make a healthy, informed decision.

This website provides an informational framework for understanding the issues surrounding dietary supplements. It addresses important areas such as challenging the commonly held perceptions that dietary supplements are safe and effective; raising awareness of the risks in the dietary supplement marketplace; and providing guidance and resources to reduce risk as much as possible if an individual decides to use dietary supplements.

Updated on Jan 2021