Figure Skating Practice Ice

SISA is offering figure skating group classes and practice ice sessions on closed ice at The Rink at JCube on a regular basis. These group classes and practice ice sessions are open to SISA members and club members. Go to "Online Booking System (Bookeo) to sign up for the ice sessions. Prices do not include coaching fees. You may contact the list of "Regular Freelance Coaches" for coaching arrangements. Please also be familiar with the "Terms & Conditions" of these group classes. Click here to sign up for SISA membership.



Please be reminded to contact your respective coaches for lessons first as this system only allows you to book your ice sessions. 
If you encounter any technical difficulties, please kindly contact the administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. during office hours
(Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm).
You may also obtain general guidelines HERE!





Please note that majority of coaches listed here are not employed by SISA except for those indicated. SISA takes no responsibility for the coaching arrangement between you and these coaches. 
These are independent skating coaches certified by Sports Singapore who are currently available to coach during the SISA figure skating ice sessions. 







1.    For practice ice sessions, it is the skater’s responsibility to ensure that the lessons that you have booked with your coach match the ice sessions you have booked.  

2.    SISA takes no responsibility for the coaching arrangement between skaters and coaches. We CANNOT allow changing/switching of ice sessions once an invoice is processed. 

3.    You will not be allowed on the ice under any circumstances unless you have previously booked and paid for the ice.

4.    No make-up classes/practice ice sessions or refunds will be allowed once classes/ice sessions are booked online (or are confirmed) except for valid medical reasons supported by a medical certificate issued by a registered doctor in Singapore or for valid academic reasons substantiated by official written documentation.  All refund requests are subject to review and approval. An administration charge of $30 applies for each refund processed by SISA. In lieu of a refund, a skater may request for a replacement session within the same month. All such requests need to be submitted at least 48 hours in advance.  For other requests to switch ice sessions previously booked online (or confirmed) due to all other personal reasons (other than valid medical and academic reasons), there will be an administration charge of $15 per session for SISA to process such requests. We can only process requests to switch ice sessions which are within the same month. All requests need to be submitted at least 3 days in advance of the relevant sessions.

5.    We reserve the right to cancel any classes/sessions due to unforeseen circumstances by giving you no less that 48 hours of advance notice. In the event that a class/session is cancelled, we will refund in full any payment received.

6.    We also reserve the right to cancel any classes/sessions if there is insufficient interest by giving you no less that 48 hours of advance notice because we require a minimum number of skaters to run each class/session. In the event that a class/session is cancelled, we will refund in full any payment received. 

7.    All classes/sessions are confirmed unless we send you an email notice of cancellation.

8.    Spaces are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Priority will be given to SISA members. If you are NOT a SISA member, you can still sign up for these classes/ice sessions. However, please note that priority will be given to SISA members and a non-member rate would apply to non-SISA members. We will try our best to accommodate you if spaces are available.

9.    Late booking procedure - Late booking will be accepted with an extra charge of $10 per hour on top of the usual applicable ice cost according to the following procedures:

a) late booking price will take effect immediately after the given deadlines

b) late booking ends 24 hours before each session

Please note that we need all of your cooperation in making your online booking as soon as possible before the closing date in order for SISA to be able to secure our ice sessions.  We do not encourage late bookings because SISA needs to have a minimum number of skaters in order to confirm each ice session at the closing date. We are only allowing late bookings to help skaters with unexpected situations.


1.    All coaches are required to sign the SISA Coaches Code of Conduct Agreement before they are allowed to coach during SISA sessions.  To view this agreement, please click HERE

2.    For practice ice sessions, SISA takes no responsibility for the coaching arrangement between you and your coach. However, all coaches shall observe the code of conduct stated in the SISA Coaches Code of Conduct Agreement at all times.

3.    For stroking sessions run by designated coaches, a separate coaching fee is payable to the coaches for these stroking sessions. Please confirm your stroking sessions with the designated coaches BEFORE making your booking with SISA and paying online for the ice cost. 

4.    For SISA group classes conducted by coaches appointed by SISA, at the coaches’ discretion

    • skaters may be grouped according to their current skating test, competition levels, or skating ability
    • skaters may be divided  into smaller according to their skating skill 
    • skaters may be given supervised practice time during such group classes


1.    There will be a designated session monitor for each ice session/group class. Parents and skaters shall, at all times, cooperate with the appointed session monitors and treat ALL volunteers with courtesy and respect.

2.    Skaters on the ice are expected to be alert and courteous and make way for the skater doing his/her program with music. For visibility, skaters are REQUIRED to wear an orange band (provided) around the waist while doing his/her program.

3.    In order to prevent unnecessary distraction to the skaters, parents/non-skaters are not allowed to loiter by the rink side.  If a skater needs to speak to his/her parent/guardian, the skater should step off the ice and move to the gallery to do so.

4.    Parents should not disturb the coaches while they are conducting lessons on the ice. In the case of an emergency, please contact the session monitor.

5.    Video recording of other skaters is prohibited. Parents may, however, film their own child during practice sessions from the gallery area. Rink side filming is not allowed unless a pre-arranged rinkside video lesson has been approved.


1.    Skaters will need to bring an iPod or MP3 player containing their skating music if they would like to play their music during a practice ice session. Skaters are responsible for presetting the music they would like to play on their device before each session or before their turn is up. Skaters should create a playlist under SKATING 2013 and name your program SHORT or FREESKATE to allow parent volunteers to easily identify the music.

2.    The session monitor, at her/his discretion, will conduct a draw to determine the music playing order of the skaters and prepare a music roster when there is a high demand from skaters to play their program music. Parents will take turns to play music for the skaters for each ice session according to a roster drawn out by SISA. Parent on duty will start to play program music only 10 minutes after the start of each session according to the order listed in the music roster until the end of the session.

3.    All skaters will have their music played according to the order listed in the music roster. Skaters who are having lessons with a coach do not have priority for music playing.

4.    All skaters need to ensure that their music device is brought to the rinkside and presented to the parent volunteer who will be playing music at the beginning of the session.  


1.    It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the skaters are familiar with and understand all applicable terms and conditions.

2.    All parents and skaters should remind each other of the above rules and guidelines. This will help to create a safe and harmonious skating environment for all.

3.    If anyone (parent or skater) violates the stated terms and conditions, SISA reserves the right to remove such persons from the ice rink during SISA ice time and/or not accept future bookings from such persons.

Waiver of SISA Group Classes & Practice Ice Sessions

You agree that you will be taking part in the SISA classes / ice sessions at your own risk and hereby release SISA and their personnel and volunteers from all liabilities whatsoever howsoever arising. Under no circumstances shall SISA and the organizers of these classes / ice sessions, their employees, and their volunteers be held responsible or liable for any loss, damages or injuries whatsoever or howsoever caused suffered by the skaters.